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Building Elevations

Building Elevations

The proposed house designs emphasise the approved narrative of EDC’s ‘Pinch’ and ‘Pent’ proposals, and are in keeping with the Kent Vernacular. This will create a strong and attractive local character.

The PENT is the Homezone that runs north-south through the centre of the site. The streetscape will have gable roofs and elevations of dark brick, red brick and dark boarding.

The PINCH are the streets and lanes that run east-west linking the new public parks. The streetscape will have plain eaves and elevations of red brick, and ‘white’ brick or boarding. This will reflect the appearance of the chalk cliffs.


We are looking to engage with local residents and stakeholders ahead of submitting a reserved matters planning application for Parcel 1 in Alkerden South. The consultation period is now open until Friday 30th April, so we want to hear from you.

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